Here are a few of my clips on film tied in to the Berlinale Film Festival:

Screening the best films from around the world. That’s the lofty goal the Berlin International Film Festival set for itself since its launch in 1951. Often that’s meant wide­ranging movies with a global perspective, either on a gay/political track in the Panorama section or progressive/experimental fare over in Forum. By contrast, the mishmash Competition Program is an area whose selection criteria defy qualitative coherence.


Romanian and Russian entries highlight a wide-ranging festival


Acting like a woman — or simply being a woman amidst injustice and cruelty — was a challenging core theme of films awarded top prizes at this year’s 59th Berlin Film Festival


Experimental encounters between fictional and documentary cinema flourished at this year’s 58th Berlin Film Festival, and with the jury grand prize going to Errol Morris’ stylized Iraq war critique, there was a pointed, if somewhat blunt, attempt at regaining a lost political edge.

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